Every year British businesses lose nearly 20 million working days through ill health.  Over half of these are due to back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions.  Physiotherapy can help you avoid these costs and keep your business fighting fit.

Ill health doesn’t just cost businesses millions of pounds through lost work time, it also leads to lower productivity from staff who ‘soldier on’ with back pain, repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and other conditions.


It’s clearly in industry’s financial interest to address these problems.  There are also increasingly compelling legal reasons.  New EC regulations on manual handling and VDU use, for instance, have placed greater responsibility on employers to safeguard their staff’s health.


Chartered physiotherapists can help you rise to these challenges and fulfil your business’s potential.  As specialists in human movement, they can provide:



For example:



For example:



Chartered physiotherapists understand how the body reacts to work – how muscles, bones and joints move and how injuries and pain can occur.  Trained to a high clinical standard, typically a three-to-four year degree course, they can apply their expertise to identify existing and potential problems and provide remedial measures.

In some cases, this will involve treating individual problems for example, through massage, ultrasound and exercises to build strength and flexibility.  In other instances, physiotherapists advise businesses on ergonomics – how to find the optimal relationship between a task and the person carrying it out.  This can range from assistance in designing workstations to recommendations for sitting positions, work flows, and how to combat stress.  This type of help can make a significant difference to the health and performance of all employees, manual and ‘desk bound’.


An holistic approach

Although businesses feel the costs of their staff’s ill health, the problems can be due to factors outside work, including an individual’s lifestyle, leisure activities and general health.

Physiotherapists take all these issues into account.  Before they treat a patient, they identify the root of the problem and suggest a solution that fits the individual’s personal circumstances.  They also monitor the patient’s own rehabilitation programme and propose activities, such as exercise, to prevent the problem recurring.


An unhealthy business


According to the Health & Safety Executive’s ‘Labour Force Survey’, two million employees suffer from occupational illnesses or ill-health each year:




Half of all these people will take time off work.


Publication courtesy of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, please see the CSP website for further information.

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